Backend Portfolio

A selection of my cloud native and backend systems programming.

Telecom Steve is a flat file site designed to be lightweight, easy to maintain, and run directly from within Amazon S3. Amazon Route53 is used for domain routing combined with Amazon Cloudfront for CDN compression and caching. With no scripting, external fonts or libraries, the site receives a score of 100/100 from Google Page Speed Index for both desktop and mobile.

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Amazon Web Services

Blockchain for OpenWRT

A compact and resource-light blockchain designed to run on the OpenWRT WiFi router platform. Written in the Python, the blockchain uses Python Flask to deliver its API interface which includes functions for managing network peers, issuing blocks, and running network consesus.

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Python API

SIP Trunking at Twitter

During periods of early growth, Twitter deployed a number of isolated and non-standard phone systems that had become expensive and difficult to support. To manage the complexity, Twitter hired me to unify its networks and migrate them to cloud deployment. The result was a fully virtualized phone network, combined with a Twilio Cloud SIP trunking. This new design reduced recurring carrier costs 72%.

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OnmiDrive IoT Platform

OmniDrive is a prototype platform that allows users to store and take their personal cabin settings between shared vehicles. The front end of the platform is an android application written in Java. A backend control and RFID network is run on an arduino with code written in its modified version of C.

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Java Programming